How to make money online selling digital information products (FOR BEGINNERS)

How to make money online selling digital information products (FOR BEGINNERS)

In this DGTBLOG i’m going to show you exactly how to start making money online and selling digital information products so if you already have a business that you’re looking to grow and make more money without working more or if you’re a content creator who’s looking for a way to actually monetize the audience you’ve been working so hard to build this blog is for you.

To show you the most lucrative and passive way to start monetizing your brand by basically utilizing what you know the uh information and the expertise that you have about any kind of topic in the world and turn it into a product that you can sell again and again completely passively all over the world so that being said let’s begin hey there my name is Samuel Sunday S.

From and this DGTBLOG is all about helping you create an online business that you love so that you can live and create the lifestyle that you want and in this video we’re discussing digital information products which are by far my second favorite way to make money online right after affiliate marketing and in this Blog i’m going to explain to you everything that you need to know in order to get started with digital

Products right so if you’ve been looking online and seen people actually selling these things and you have no idea how do you actually approach this how do you like come up with an id how does that even work so here’s what we’re going to do in this Blog first i’m going to briefly explain exactly what are digital information products and the secret to actually creating

Digital information products that work that actually sell and make money. What this article information products and how to make sure that your products is um are profitable something that people want the second thing i’m going to show you the three most popular digital information product online

If you’re looking to start selling these things, these are the products you probably want to start with because these are the the products that most people actually want to buy the third thing i’m going to show you is exactly how to sell your digital product right that now that you’ve worked hard you have your digital product ready how do you actually bring it to market and get people to take out the wallet and give you money how does that work.

How to make money online selling digital information products (FOR BEGINNERS)
How to make money online selling digital information products (FOR BEGINNERS)

How to make money online selling digital information products (FOR BEGINNERS)

I’m going to show you a very simple way of doing that using only three simple pages and the fourth thing, i’m going to show you is exactly how to deliver those regular products right so once you have your digital product done you actually sold it you made a sale you got money how will that person actually gain

Here’s the deal if you are looking to become an entrepreneur and make money online and become your own boss you will notice that you most likely have one of three choices you can sell physical products you can sell services these are all my coaches consultants digital marketers photographers out there or you can sell information products now the problem with physical products

Is that you have a very very tiny profit for every product that you sell meaning that you have to sell a huge amount of products in order to make real money the problem with services is that you are basically limited for how much money you can make by the number of hours you have in a day right when i first got started um i i had only my website agency meaning that i built websites for people

And i could only build that many websites right once my working hours are done i could not make any more money and the third type of business is to actually sell your knowledge your expertise your know-how about how to achieve a certain goal and package it in the form of a digital product it can be an ebook a course or anything like that

And sell it to other people around the world right so for example if you are let’s say a life coach and you have this amazing system of setting goals so rather than working with people 101 and getting paid like 100 per hour 200 per hour you can actually create a course package your process how you actually work with clients package it in a form of a course which you’re going to discuss in a second

Exactly what that means and sell it to other people for 100 right so versus um when before you you would work with a person 101 and earn 100 from your time you can actually sell 1 two five ten twenty five thousand products in one hour and make that money without you having to work more right obviously it will require you to gain a certain

Amount of skill in how to sell things online and stuff but that’s what this channel is for so you don’t have to worry so that’s the biggest advantage in digital products um now let me explain and walk you through the three most profitable digital products out there so that you’ll know where you should start if you’re looking to make money in that type of an

Income the first thing that product that you can actually make money of and actually have a slide here to show you is what we like to call ebooks right and ebooks are the most classic way of making money because basically what you do is you take your um process on how to achieve a goal how to lose weight how to build a website um how to do yoga um how to um find the perfect outfit for

Your body shape and you put it inside a book you just write it down step by step and you put it inside a book so just a few examples um that i put here for you um basically showing you that you can do this for any type of niche and any type of thing that you’re into no matter how bizarre i promise you there is a market out there for this for for example you have like this series of um digital books for keto challenge

Right let’s do a challenge for you to get into the keto world and start eating according to the keto diet um start your own fashion label ebook if you can teach other people how to start their own fashion label you can create an ebook about that fashion and style how to actually uh sorry drawing fashion in style you can teach other people how to draw um fashion things and stuff how to make soy milk and tofu at home right if

You’re if you’re a health junkie if you’re a vegan if you know how to do this tofu thing at home and you can teach other people you can create a book about that eight weeks to a fit body if you have a system that basically walks your client through eight weeks of like transforming the body and becoming fat you can put that in a book um potty train your child by noon

How to make money online selling digital information products (FOR BEGINNERS)

Discover proving interview strategies guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd and get you hired interview secrets if you’re really good at getting interviews you can show other people how to do that um be naturally beautiful health remedies recipes um german shepherd handbook if you love dogs and you have a german shepherd

And you take care of it like a professional and you can teach other people how to do that why not create a book about that um the way to the vegans heart delicious recipes to help you eat well cook quickly and feel content um korean beauty secrets like as you can see this it just doesn’t end any type of thing that you know that you can basically share with other people

Can be transcribed to the form of an ebook you can price it however you like most ebooks go for about 27 to 37 to 47 and you can start making money like that the second type of information product that you can sell are courses right and courses are exactly like books exactly like books the exact same content the only difference is that you do it on

Blog, Video right rather than writing it down what you know you should just go on camera exactly like i’m doing right now and share what you know with other people the third type of profitable digital information product that you can sell are memberships and memberships are basically where you gain you create this membership website it is closed

Behind behind uh like every single user has like a username and a password and once they log in they have access to all kinds of information products that you might have inside this membership for example maybe you have this learn dance online membership and you create a lot of mini courses right courses on how to dance and you share it to people and people basically pay you for

Access um another example learn guitar online you can basically create many many many lessons um that you you would normally teach a student 101 you could just film that class put it online and students will pay you monthly for accessing that course um how about this guy john rood he’s like a big shot in the spiritual world so he created a whole

Membership site around scriptures and how he just sits in front of the camera and talks about scriptures and people with faith who actually like to follow him will just pay him for access and watch it just as if it was netflix or button tv which is a full feature set from your favorite poets oh my god it’s like a niche of people who are actually into poetry so someone actually figured out a way to

Turn it into a membership site and give them access to that type of content right so as you can see the options are unlimited so that now that you know the three most profitable digital information product types which are ebooks um courses and membership websites let’s go to step number three in this video and share exactly how you’re going to sell your information products so let’s say that

You’ve created a course you put it like you have your videos everything is ready how do you actually go and sell it so the thing that you need are three web pages are you bearing with me and i’m going to show you exactly what they are the first web page that you need is something we like to call a sales page and by the way in a second i’m going to show you exactly how to build those

Things so don’t worry about it um a sales page is basically a place where people go on a page that explains what you have what is it going to do for them and how what are they going to do to buy this now right so this does not need to be a complicated page it does not need to be like this long page that you see online it can literally just have like a

Where basically i fill out my credit card information or my paypal or my google pay or my apple pay whatever it is and i just buy it you can create those types of pages for free again i’m going to show you how in one second um and the only thing you will need for this by the way is to open an account in either stripe or paypal which are payment get ways these are the type of companies that actually

Allow you to take money from people so you can open an account there it’s completely free uh and that’s pretty much it i’m going to show you how to set up in just a second the third page that you need now that i basically went through your payment page and bought your course is a welcome page it’s basically like a thank you where you say welcome you’ve made such a great choice buying my

Course here’s what to do next here is how you access the course right so these are the only three web pages that you need in order to sell your information product online now let’s go to the last part of this video and discuss exactly how are you going to deliver this course right how is everything going to work and basically this is going to be short because all i have for you is one free

Tool that will allow you to both create your sales page payment page and thank you page and actually deliver this course so that people can go online log in and actually get access to this course and this tool is called let me just get it for you it’s called teachable right and you can get it in slash

DGT ONLINE(which is coming up) I would highly appreciate it and basically this is a platform that allows you to go online you sign up you open an account and they give you the option to put your course online they will tell you exactly how to upload things where to put them and they will even give you um the tools that you need in order to create the sales page that we just

Talked about so now you basically know everything there is to know about creating digital information products so if you have any type of knowledge about anything that you truly truly love maybe you have like an instagram page about vegan recipes and you want to start sharing vegan recipes books or courses with other people you can actually do that very very simply now you know what you need to do first you need to create your course

Second of all you will upload it to teachable and thirdly you will create a sales page a payment page and a thank you page using teachable in order to sell that course online and that’s it for this video i hope it has been helpful and gave you like a clear idea of exactly how information products work if you have any questions leave them in the comments below